Barkers Fresh Produce

Meet the team

Michael Barker


Michael is an exceptional asset to our team, as he not only excels in procuring high-quality produce but also serves as the primary point of contact for our major supermarket partners. With a profound respect for growers and their produce, Michael inherently comprehends the myriad of challenges they face on a daily basis. His unique strength lies in his unparalleled ability to establish and nurture strong relationships with both growers and our major supermarket partners, making him an integral part of our success. You’ll rarely find Michael confined to a desk; his enthusiasm and passion for the industry propels him to the front lines, where he personally engages with all our growers. This hands-on, front-and-centre approach is not only a testament to Michael’s dedication but also serves as Barker’s differentiator, setting the gold standard for the entire Barker Team.

Tim Barker

Lead Sales Manager

Tim Barker is the driving force behind our dedicated efforts to provide high-quality produce to both independent boutique buyers and major supermarkets. With a profound commitment to sourcing produce from long-term, passionate growers, Tim takes immense pride in the exceptional quality of the products he delivers to the market. As a hands-on leader, he continuously collaborates with his team on the market floor, and his extensive knowledge of the produce industry is a cornerstone that buyers rely upon. Tim’s dedication extends to fostering a strong sense of camaraderie within the team, and recognises that effective communication is the cornerstone of Barker’s success, both within the team and in their producers.

Hayden Judge

Citrus and Melons Category Manager

With 17 years under his belt at Barkers, Hayden brings a wealth of experience to his role. He has witnessed the evolution of our business from the bustling Footscray Market to our new home in Epping, and the transition of leadership from Ross Barker to Tim and Michael. Hayden understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve, and the diversity and unpredictability of each day are what make his work exciting and rewarding. Travelling and building invaluable relationships with our dedicated growers is one of his job highlights allowing him to explore the country and see regions he might not otherwise visit. These unique travel opportunities ensure we receive premium produce from every corner of Australia. As part of a close-knit, family-owned business, Hayden thrives in an organisation where everyone is accountable and relied upon daily to get the job done. “We are treated like family, and it’s a pleasure to work with a team that genuinely looks out for each other and comes together to achieve our common goals. The mutual respect among our team members is unmistakable.”