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Battle of the Avocados

May 17, 2017

Autumn brings with it the short season of the green-skinned Shepard Avocado. A beautiful nutty taste, this variety is only available for a few short months, and keeps its green skin when ripe.

This season drawing to a close, we’re now seeing less Shepards on the shelves, replaced mostly by the creamy Hass variety.

What’s the difference? Great question – we’ve outline the two varieties below:


Most common avocado variety Australia wide

  • Consistent oval shape
  • Distinctive bumpy, textured skin
  • Changes colour as it ripens – green to rich purple/ black
  • Available nearly all year-round
  • Creamy flesh and smooth taste


Shepard avocados (green skin) are available every year for a few months time

  • A longer oval shape
  • Smooth, shiny green skin
  • Skin remains green, even when ripe
  • Available February to April
  • Nutty flavour and buttery flesh