Barkers Fresh Produce

Blood Oranges, Bloody Delicious

Blood oranges are delicious, beautiful and versatile. Not only are they extremely rich in antioxidants, they are also a fantastic substitute for several citrus varieties, including lemon, lime and the humble orange. Originating in Sicily and Spain, blood oranges are often described as Sicilian Blood Oranges, even though they now grow in many places, including […]

Tropical Produce – New Deliveries

Our new tropical salesman Jason Miles has helped our range to grow in delicious ways. This season we’ve already leveraged his expert knowledge and strong connections by introducing new varieties to our offering. New produce includes: This influx of exotic fruit means we can better serve our loyal customers and through an unprecedented variety of […]

Lime Time

Welcome to the magical peak season of Limes. This zesty fruit is a great source of: But what to do with them? Freshly squeezed into water: drinking lime water improves digestion. Limes are acidic which helps to break down food for more effective digestion. They’re also delicious as an addition, or hero to many savoury […]

Wax Free Mandarins

Barkers is thrilled to include a line of wax free mandarins this season! In today’s market, most produce is covered with an artificial wax material after harvest. This process began in the 1920s in an attempt to prolong the shelf life of the fruit. Now days, the primary reason for waxing produce is for aesthetics. […]

Delivered Fresh From Where You’d Rather Be

During the Australian off-seasons we import Mangoes, Nectarines and Peaches from Mexico and California. This means we can supply a range of clients with a steady and reliable source of delicious fruit and vegetables throughout the year. This month we’re seeing some beautiful produce come in from the US and New Zealand, including: Kiwifruit (NZ) […]

Autumn Salad

Most people think of salad as a summer meal – though we’ve got an autumn favourite with rich flavours using our fresh produce. This salad is best served with crusty bread!  Ingredients: Directions:

Battle of the Avocados

Autumn brings with it the short season of the green-skinned Shepard Avocado. A beautiful nutty taste, this variety is only available for a few short months, and keeps its green skin when ripe. This season drawing to a close, we’re now seeing less Shepards on the shelves, replaced mostly by the creamy Hass variety. What’s […]

Cyclone Debbie – Barkers Unaffected

Cyclone Debbie left a trail of destruction and left many growers, farmers and families devastated. Barkers Fresh Produce is relieved to announce that our supply should not be affected, and we expect a complete delivery of produce over the coming months. “Our thoughts are with the affected growers in these difficult times. Our clients and […]

Blood Limes – New Kid On The Block

This month Barkers welcomes a new product in Red Limes (Blood Limes). This spectacular fruit is a cross between a finger lime and Burmese Rangpur Lime. The fruit is highly nutritious and flavoursome, high in antioxidants and slowly growing an impressive pool of recipes. We’ve jumped in the kitchen and picked our favourite Blood Lime […]