Barkers' intrinsic knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. Our passion for fresh produce has led to us becoming one of Australia's major facilitators for growers in the industry.

The fantastic relationships we have with our growers are built on quality and respect. They produce the best quality fruit and vegetables on the market and we make sure it’s available for customers to enjoy, all year round.– Michael Barker. CEO

Barkers’ stand at the Melbourne Market in Epping is always brimming with the best quality fresh produce on the Australian market. Our great grower networks, within Australia and internationally, provide us with a diverse range of products delivered from farm gate to table. At Barkers, we’re born and bred in fresh produce.

Our strength lies in the variety of products we bring to the table, with 106 different fruit and vegetable lines available. We take pride in our ability to cater to our customers’ needs, no matter how big or small.