The Barkers journey began over a century ago in 1914, when trader John Wiley-Wright Barker joined forces with two other growers, opening a stall at 219 King Street in Melbourne. The trio began exporting apples and pears to England and Europe by boat.

Barkers soon began sending potatoes and onions by train and ship from their Melbourne stall, up the eastern coast to Rockhampton and Cairns. Potatoes would be carted from the paddock on horse and dray to the train station, before they would arrive in towns and cities across Victoria, landing in places such as Wonthaggi, Ballarat, Bendigo and Wodonga.

Barkers went to extraordinary lengths to ensure the best quality products reached their buyers tables, no matter the distance or effort required. John’s son Alan Barker would travel on the ship from Melbourne on the long journey to England to ensure his produce arrived safe and sound. With a chat and a handshake, the next year’s planning for exporting apples and pears would begin. These core values of going the extra mile and delivering the best quality products to market have remained the standard of service, passed down from generation to generation within the Barkers family.

Now it’s the next generation’s turn.

The Barker and Lorenzetto families have teamed up, bringing their depth of knowledge and passion for fresh produce together under one banner.

"The fantastic relationships we have with our growers are built on quality and respect. They produce the best quality fruit and vegetables on the market and we make sure it's available for customers to enjoy, all year round. "

Michael Barker. CEO